Whom the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed (The Pit)

Whom the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed (The Pit)

Traps and snares await us all,

Beware of them or you will fall.


I've been in the deepest pit

And could not climb up out of it.


I fell down there because I lied,

And stole, and laughed while others cried.


I walked the way that I saw fit,

And boldly ran in spite of it.


I thought that there was no way out

And found my want for life without.


Having almost given up,

To settle for that bitter cup,


I hung my head in broken shame

And called upon the only name,


The one they called 'God with us',

The Holy Name I used to cuss.


He freed me from immortal doom

And I've long since prepared Him room.


Within my heart there was a hole,

And an empty place within my soul.


Whisky, drugs, wine, women and song,

I tried them all and all fit wrong.


A God shaped void, that's what it is;

The only piece that fits is His.


I'll glorify His name out loud

And speak the truth amidst a crowd.


There isn't time to lie down or sit

While there are so many still in the pit.


I urge you now with my behest

To offer up a soul request


To plead the blood of Him who died,

Mocked and scorned and crucified.


The Word made flesh, His words are true,

Awaits that broken plea from you.


He holds forever in his hands,

His love is free, without demands.


Your gratitude will do the rest;

Just follow Him and do your best,


Your battles fought upon your knees

In praise and prayer and heartfelt pleas,


For those who still are where you're from,

And for the Glorious Kingdom Come.


God Speed


Walter Lee Yetter