What does this word mean?
Is it a person?
What form does this relic come in?
Could it be words, or nasty looks?
Does this word come in a neatly wrapped box,
or in a heart as cold as stone?
Does this word show no mercy?
What can this word mean? Pain? Anger? Death?
Can this word come from the mouths of innocent unknowing children?
or from the wisdom of a knowing adult?
Does this evil thing come with a face, or in the form of words,
poured from the merciless soul of a man, a woman, or a child.....
How many souls must be tortured by this one little word
which has little meaning now, in this world?
How many times must a word so harsh and hostile
come without warning?
Does this world need another fault?
Must we all be afraid to go to school, or to go to work?
Must we all live in fear of our own shadows,
just because one person used this evil word?

The end

Shane Yetter
written 4-13-2001