Me and My PC

Me And My PC

I was top of the line in my time,

And I have a whole lot of heart.

I have to deal with my shortcomings

Because there are no replacement parts.

I'm glad my owner loves me,
---Might be the only one---
I'm not the latest model, but,
(sooner or later) I get the job done.

There's a lot of things I just can't do,
And my modem is mighty slow.
My printer is only black and white.
Many fonts I just don't know...

My keyboard is downright sticky,
Can't teach my old mouse new clicks.
And my anti-virus program
Will no longer do the trick.

My cache is really cluttered,
I'm moving awfully slow.
I'm old and I'm so tired,
And all my chips might blow...

Don't have a lot of memory,
My hard drive is out of date.
I'm always getting kicked off line;
Might be that's just my fate.

I'm consuming too much Java,
Too many cookies, too few bytes.
I browse around my Netscape,
Sometimes I even get it right.

Tech support is what I need,
And a scan for errors in the disk.
I'm so afraid I might just crash,
Download and take the risk?

I know I'm getting sluggish,
Don't like it when I lag.
Please won't you help me someone?
I really need to de-frag!

by Mary Yetter
September 2000