Nature Sleeps

Nature Sleeps

The garden tools are in the shed,
Mother Nature has gone to bed.

The days grow short and nights are long
Since Autumn sang her last sweet song.

Crystal patterns on window panes;
Jack Frost is about, spreading his fame.

It's a time of renewal, a time for rest,
And Old Man Winter will do his best

To hold us in his stormy grasp
Of sleet and snow and icy blast.

The landscape is gorgeous `a la mode,
As we bundle up in our warm abode.

We can only guess what he has in store,
When we think he's gone, we get an encore.

But Father Time keeps marching on,
And Spring will be back before too long.

The days will get warm, the tools will come out,
And we'll hustle and bustle and hurry about.

For now, though, the snow lies two feet deep,
And Mother Nature has gone to sleep.

by Mary Yetter
January 9, 2000