Where is This Place?

Where Is This Place?

There's a place that everyone searches for,
It's what we all want to find.
A place of hope and love that lasts,
And of precious peace of mind.

Everyone travels a different path;
Some folks work nine to five each day,
Some get married and some do not,
And others prefer just to play.

I don't know if there's a wrong or a right way,
Of going about this quest.
It may be that the only important thing
Is that we simply do our best.

It's the call of the wild, the life long search,
It's the reason the seaman sails.
The wisdom of living, the topic of choice,
And the ending of all fairy tales.

The dream gives us courage, strength to go on,
And hope in the face of disaster.
This magical, mystical, wonderful place,
Called 'happily ever after'...

by Mary Yetter
March 2000