The Yetter Clan

The Yetter Clan

I became a member of

The Yetter clan in 1985.

Such a fragile girl, with low self esteem

And lucky to be alive...

I remember so clearly
It was in the month of May,
A loving man came into my life
And took my heart away.

Little did I know
What this man would do for me.
He took me in his gentle arms
And made me a part of his family.

I felt like Cinderella
When I met his family.
They took me into their hearts,
And gave so much love to me.

Now fifteen years later,
With three boys of our own,
I feel so very lucky
To share the love I've known.

I want to thank God
For such a caring man,
Who loves me unconditionally
And made me a part of the Yetter clan.

by Marsha K. Yetter
March 2000