Winter Range

Winter Range

Well, the snow is deep, the wind is cold

And the leaves are on the ground,

I guess we'll have to hibernate

Till springtime comes around.

The cattle, on the meadow now,

Are looking hard for hay,

And the horses, they just stand around

When sunshine comes their way.

The snowy crystals in the trees,

When the clouds have gone away,

They shine like tiny diamonds

In the wonderous light of day.

The coyotes, they're a hunting

And the quail are coveyed up,

And the coffee that's been brewing

Is now warming up the cup.

The horses, they're all harnessed

And I'm a waiting on the crew,

To pitch the hay and milk the cow

And do the things hands do.

And we'll keep the shovels handy

When nature throws another fit,

And I think that I'll stop shavin'

Till the weather warms a bit.

by Russell Yetter