One Day at a Time

One Day At A Time

Today I want to be happy,
Perhaps tomorrow I will be sad.
But now I'll count my blessings,
For today I want to be glad.

I am choosing for today the positive,
And to try to think nothing that's bad.
Maybe later I'll take the time,
Tomorrow I might need to be mad.

For another day I am here at home
With many reasons to rejoice.
One more day I have been blessed,
My God has heard my voice.

In His gentle, loving hands
He holds my sorrow and pain.
Tomorrow I may need them back,
That option I retain.

Tomorrow will be another day,
And I may need to cry.
Time enough for tears 'sometime',
Today I want my eyes to be dry.

And if tomorrow never comes,
Wouldn't it really be sad?
If I had wasted all of my yesterdays
Crying for things turned out bad.

Today's blue sky and shining sun
Can chase my clouds away.
For today I want to be happy.
Yes, I hope I'll be happy today.

Mary Briggs