United We Stand

United We Stand

Heavenly Father, God of Love,
Send us wisdom from above.

Bless us Father, both small and great,
Lead our quest to wipe out hate.

America cries; America prays,
Lord, give us strength in coming days.

All souls are wounded where freedom rings,
Send healing Love on angels wings.

Bless our leaders, keep them strong,
Bind them together to right this wrong.

We know it is time, but in fear we pray,
Yet on our doorstep it has come to lay...

Give us all courage to rise to the cause,
Help us wipe out evil before all is lost.

Help us and our brethren in every foreign state,
Prove that you're a God of Love and not of hate.

United we stand---With hearts unfurled.
God Bless America---God Bless Our World.

by Mary Briggs
September 21, 2001