Do it God's Way

Do It God's Way

When you've fought the mighty battle,

When the world has done its worst,

When you think you've given all you had

Yet you hunger and you thirst,

And God has brought you to your knees

And you cry out in your pain,

"Oh Lord, is this all there is?"

And you wonder if you're sane.

Then you realize that you've done it wrong;

Thought you had to have control.

When all along God had a plan,

And you knew it in your soul.

You slowly turn your boat around,

So many rocks and rifts.

You're giving up your will to his,

And you soon begin to drift.

Your life takes on new meaning

With Jesus at the helm.

A little glimpse of what we'll have

When we step into God's realm.

Our Father wants to help us,

Yet we try to go it alone.

But we have to do it God's way

If we want to go back home.

by Mary Yetter