Fish Eye View

Fish Eye View

As I was swimmin' round one day
Checkin' out my favorite rock,
I spied a great big ugly fish
A headin' past the dock.

I flipped a fin and swished my tail,
I thought I'd give him trouble;
But I had to stop and shake my head,
--I must be seein' double!

No, one is black and one is red,
So there really must be two;
Uglier fish I've never seen,
And big!!! I'm tellin' you.

Well, I backed off and watched 'em
And I'm not tellin' lies.
Their tails was split in two
And they had the strangest eyes.

There was bubbles all around 'em;
They both was really thin.
One of 'em had a funny bag
On the end of a skinny fin.

They had a bunch of ugly tubes
From humps up on their back;
And it looked like they was puttin' stuff
Into that funny sack.

I was so busy watchin' 'em,
I failed at first to see
They'd stopped what they was doin',
And they was watchin' me!

Well it didn't take me long to leave
And hide behind my rock;
I'm tellin' you I was relieved
When they headed for that dock.

Now this here ain't no fish tale,
I wouldn't put you on.
I don't know where they come from,
But I'm mighty glad they're gone!

by Mary Yetter