The Wonders

The Wonders

I have a couple questions and I don't know who to ask,
I just can't find the answers, it's an overwhelming task.

I don't know why some stars fall down and others stay behind,
Or why people only eat the orange and throw away the rind.

I don't know why some land grows crops and others can't at all,
Or why some trees are robbed of growth while others grow so tall.

I don't know why the rooster crows, or cattle can't find gates,
Or why some products are the same but sold at different rates.

I don't know why the telephones have letters on them too,
Or why it's so important that I learn to tie my shoe.

These questions were all asked to me by just a boy of four,
And he turned five just yesterday, I'm sure he'll ask some more.

I try to answer all of them, though some I just don't know,
I do the best I can, I guess, and give him room to grow.

He'll keep on asking questions and put me to the test,
And I'll have to be patient and let the Good Lord do the rest.

by Russell Landon Yetter
November 15, 1998