Stuff That Dreams are Made Of

Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Lying in the backyard
On a pristine summer night
Staring up at a wonder land
Of glorious twinkling light.

A shooting star takes center stage,
For a heartbeat, then it's gone.
This light-show is unequaled,
Running nightly; dusk to dawn.

Sometimes a shimmering spectacle
Delights in bursting forth,
...Aurora Borealis...
The mystery of the north.

My eyes begin to roam around
Searching for the constellations,
My thoughts are running deeper now,
Seeking revelations...

I can not help but wonder
How human kind fits in
To the Almighty's scheme of things;
And where we will find Him?

Gazing on His handi-work,
On the glory and the grace,
Sets my heart to yearning
To look upon my Maker's face.

To contemplate the vastness
And the distance to the stars,
Reveals a new perspective
On this tiny Earth of ours.

Like fleas upon a dogs back
We scurry, one and all,
Never quite remembering
That we are so very small.

Questions that will go unanswered
Until we hear our Master's call.
Then I think we'll truly know,
I believe he will answer all.

Lying in the back yard
On a pristine summer night,
Staring up at a wonder land
Of glorious twinkling light...

  by Mary Yetter
  November 29, 2000