Let's talk about evolution.
Have you heard a bigger joke?
It's almost just as funny,
As illegal substances in Coke.

But it really isn't funny,
And I probably shouldn't kid.
But I just don't believe it,
I don't think even Darwin did.

So you think we evolved from apes,
But I don't think you're right.
Because I've never seen anything evolve,
You just haven't seen the light.

I can prove that you're wrong,
And that evolution never happened.
So sit up and listen,
Though your spirits may be dampened.

Now, if you choose to speak scientifically,
Then that makes it really easy.
Because then I can show you,
That your theory's rather cheesy.

Now where should I start?
Maybe the Neanderthal Man.
All they found was an arm,
It didn't even have a hand.

Let's talk about another "Missing Link",
The one they called Java Man.
They found two parts of his skull,
On opposite ends of Java Island.

Now maybe it wasn't Apes to Man,
But Reptiles to Mammals instead.
No scientists can prove it,
Or at least that's what they said.

All reptiles own scales,
While mammals enjoy hair.
I just don't understand,
How things appear from nowhere.

Darwin had a theory,
He called it "The Origin of Life".
How can an unproved theory,
Cause such a bitter strife?

You can say what you want,
But Evolutionism is wrong.
If you want to sit there and argue,
I can make this short poem long.

Shane Yetter
January 2004