The Lamp

One of the perks of 'country living' is the occasional power outage. You just have to plan on this happening once in a while and be prepared for it. Granted, it can be inconvenient, but it is also great how a power failure will draw the family together around the kitchen table. (That's where the lamp is.) It was during one of these spells that we had tired of tic-tac toe and hangman and began to discuss poetry. My son, Russ, stated that a real poet could sit down and write a poem about anything. Well, it was a challenge, and...the lamp was right there...


Of fire in the lamp's dim flame
I write this poem which has no name.
It lights our way when the sky grows dim
Each night and early morn again.

To gaze into its gentle glow
And watch it flicker to and fro,
Is restful in its dreamy way
Of bordering the night and day.

A tribute to this little flame!
It gives us light for food and game.
A tiny thing, not very tall,
Yet in its greatness makes us small.

We might wish for more but thankful be
For the lamp at night that lets us see.
'Cause life could really be a pain
Without that friendly little flame.

by Mary Yetter