Six Years Old Now

Six Years Old Now

Poopy diaper,
Runny nose,
Peed on Dad,
Ruined his clothes!

First I walk,
Now I talk.
Fell on my butt,
Ate my sock!

I saw a frog,
I saw a dog,
I pet the dog
And ate the frog!

Now who is this
with wrinkles so pronounced?
Oh crud! It's grams and gramps.
They've come unannounced.

First a hug,
Then a pinch on my cheek.
A few more pinches,
They'll be red for weeks!

First day of school,
Scared and excited,
It's all kinda weird,
I'm still undecided.

The kid in the back
is pickin his nose.
And what does he do?
Wipes it right on his clothes.

And if you think that's gross,
Boy, I'm tellin you,
Last week I saw little Sindy
Eat a whole bottle of glue.

Well, that's it,
My whole life to this point.

If somethin comes up
I'll let you know.
Until then take care,
I gotta go...

Shaun Yetter