Home is Where the Heart Is


There's a feeling that I get sometimes
When I walk among the trees,
I feel like I'm a part of them
Or that they're a part of me.

It seems I am as welcome there
As squirrel, bear or deer,
And as if a part of me
Has always been right here.

The peace I find among the trees
Brings back a thought unknown,
Like recovering a treasure lost,
Like finally coming home.

The quiet soaks into my soul
And sets nostalgia free.
My senses thrill at sights and sounds
And the smell of fragrant trees.

A thousand different attitudes
That change each way I turn,
Weave golden threads into my heart
And make my spirit yearn.

I want a home out in the woods
And when I have to roam,
I'll keep the peace among my thoughts
And my heart can come back home.

by Mary Briggs