When the four of us were kids we did a lot of teasing and my

oldest brother would give us nicknames and then shorten them

to initials so we knew what he meant, but it was private.

I can't (or, won't) say here what ICBB or BSIS stood for,

but it was all good fun. I had my own initials for my big brother.

Here is a poem I wrote about him years ago.

He is still my hero...



About seven years my senior,

He's 'My Big Brother Bill'.

A source of awe; of strength and love

Since I was just a pill.


He's big & rough & tough & gruff,

But his heart is purest gold,


My admiration and respect

He will forever hold...


And he can do most anything;

There's not much he doesn't know.


He's confident, but not too proud,

If he doesn't know; he'll tell you so.


I'm so proud to be his sister

And though I know it's plain to see,


Maybe I don't say it enough...

I Love 'My BBB'...


With Love from your Sis, Mary (PIA)